Make The Most Of Mondays

Make the Most of Mondays

Up to 150,000 Points will be given away!

Each Monday, For every 30 points earned guests can be awarded 60 - 100 Bonus Points right at the slot machine!

Play for your share of additional points until all the points are distributed.*

Exclusion dates: July 4, Sept 5, Oct 31

Rules: Must be a member of the Player’s Club and earn at least 30 points while there are still bonus points available to be awarded. *Guests may start qualifying at 12:30 am, as many times as they can before the 150,000 points are distributed or 11:30 pm, whichever comes first. Points are awarded in real time and may be downloaded for play and/or redemption at the cashiers. Daily points download limit is $100. Awarded points downloaded for play do not count towards qualifying. All promotions are subject to change or cancellation at the discretion of management.