Pair-A-Dice Pyramid

Pair-A-Dice Pyramid

Prize Chart

Proceed Chart Claims Rules

August 4th – October 28th, 2022

Every Thursday & Friday 10 Hot Seat winners will be selected between 5PM - 10PM to Roll the Dice!

Each date, we will have Hot Seat Drawings at random times from 5 PM – 10 PM to select 10 players to Roll the dice for the top prize of *$25,000!

Pyramid Cash prizes range from $50 up to *$25,000!

Hot Seat Drawing Rules: Guest must be a Player’s Club member and actively playing the selected slot machine with their Player’s Club card at the time of the drawing. To claim the prize, the guest must be present at the machine drawn with a valid, physical, photo ID and Player’s Club card immediately upon the Casino Host’s arrival for verification and to determine game play eligibility. Drawings will be at random times between 5pm and 10pm. Guests may win more than once but not in the same hour. Each date, we will draw until all ten Dice Game Play prizes have been awarded.

Dice Game Official Rules:

  • *TOP prize of $25,000 will be awarded, when a guest proceeds to the 11th round and Rolls a SNAKE-EYES score (1 dot & 1 dot). *When this occurs, the new Top CASH Prize will become $5,000 CASH for any/all remainder dates.
  • SNAKE-EYES BONUS: Roll a (1 dot & 1 dot) and get $50 in CASH on rounds one through ten.
  • Only the guest selected to play the dice game may attempt a successful Roll/Throw the two (2) designated dice; one at a time or simultaneously within the designated area. Guest shall not be permitted any practice rounds.
  • Successful Roll: Each die must have two (2) complete rotations prior to coming to rest a minimum of four (4) feet from where the Roll/Throw was initiated or it is a Roll OUT.
  • Score: The face of the die that lands skyward will be the active side. The two active side faces will be added together for a score each round. (Example: 2 dot + 3 dot = a score of 5) Rounds 1-8 a score of five is a safe score. Rounds 9+ a score of five is an unsafe score) Each completed score Rolled will determine proceed or not.
  • Choice: Guest may STOP and keep their completed Round CASH prize or forfeit it and attempt another safe score Roll to proceed. An unsafe score is a Roll OUT.
  • Cocked Dice: any die that is stacked, leaning, or that falls off of the designated surface will void the Roll and the Guest will be allowed one Re-Roll of ALL of the dice. Should Cocked Dice occur during the Re-Roll, it’s a Roll OUT.
  • Daily / Maximum Game Play limits: Guests may Play the Dice Game: once each date until a total maximum limit of six is reached from August 4 – October, 28, 2022.
  • INELIGIBLE to Play the DICE GAME: Current Fond-du-Luth Casino employees and family members of employees working the dice game promotion, agents, successors or assignees of the client or any promotional agency involved with this promotion.
  • Roll OUT consolation of $50 in Club Cash will be issued if the guest:
    • is ineligible to play the dice game,
    • Rolls an unsafe score,
    • has an unsuccessful Roll,
    • has cocked dye/dice twice in a row,
    • declines to Play the Dice game,
    • is physically unable to Roll the dice,
    • total daily/maximum limit to play the Dice Game is reached.
  • All decisions are final. All promotions are subject to change/cancellation at the discretion of management. A 1099 form is required when a guest has won/received drawing prize(s) totaling an accumulative value of $600 or more, within a calendar year.