Playback Bonus

Playback Bonus

Earn Points this week, receive Bonus Club Cash next week!

Each week, qualify for a PLAYBACK BONUS. Earn at least 100 weekly points (Sunday - Saturday ) and you can receive a Club Cash bonus NEXT week.

The more weekly points earned the larger the PLAYBACK BONUS. ($50 Club Cash maximum bonus)

Earned at Least: Playback Bonus:
100 Points $10 Club Cash
250 Points $20 Club Cash
500 Points $40 Club Cash
1,000 Points $50 Club Cash

Rules: Must be a member of the Player’s Club and have earned at least 100 points during the previous week’s qualifying timeframe (Sunday 12:00 am to the following Saturday at 11:59 pm). Guest may receive this bonus once per week. Weekly Playback Bonus awards will be available at the kiosk each Sunday after 10 am and must be claimed by the following Saturday at 11:59 pm. All promotions are subject to change/cancellation at the discretion of management.